Welcome to my personal blog. I plan on posting whatever I feel like posting. Currently, this would look like:

  • Project showcases: if I made something cool, I’ll show off

  • Tutorials: if I had trouble finding help on a problem I solved, I’ll post the solution here

  • Random thoughts: I am a man of many opinions, so some might end up here

  • Math stuff: If I find some cool math, I’ll put it here in $\LaTeX$ so I don’t forget about it

Hopefully, it will turn into something interesting as time passes.

The Author

Me on top of Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

I’m a CS nerd who loves all things programming and math. I got started in open source, where I created streamrip, filetype.nvim and other cool projects on my GitHub.

Work Experience

AI/ML Software Intern
2024-07 - 2023-09
Keysight Technologies AI Infrastructure
Santa Rosa, CA
Software Engineering Intern
2023-07 - 2023-09
Yahoo! Yahoo Developer Network & CI/CD
Mountain View, CA

Worked on the Platform Engineering team to build and improve developer tools.

  • Created a Slack bot that indexes internal documentation and detects in-channel questions using NLP
  • Made improvements to usage metrics within the internal CI/CD tool


Intelligent Systems, Robotics, and Controls (M.S.)
2023-09 - 2025-06
University of California, San Diego

Computer Engineering (B.S.)
2021-09 - 2024-06
University of California, San Diego